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Terms and Conditions

  1. All content available on this website is general rules for the policies. Any claim for a particular customer may vary from customer to customer to know about the case you are advised to consult your individual adviser and he will guide you regarding your coverage.
  2. All the content provided on this website is guarded under U.S law and is applicable for the New York boundary as well.
  3. You can not use the service provided by us to for any illegal cause. Whatever the services will provide to you will solely use them for your individual use or for benefit of your organization no part of these services can be transferred to any other third party.
  4. While using this website you agree completely that you will not copy any data from this website neither you can use any information from this website to build your own website or any other database
  5. You agree that until and unless a loss is proven caused to you by any individual at the Smart apple the company will not be liable for any negligence caused by you.
  6. You agree that you are accepting these terms and conditions by your own consent and you are above eighteen and any authority provided to you under the power this contract will not be used by you for any illegal cause or purpose.
  7. You and the Smart apple both have the authority to terminate this contract at any time without prior notice and the order will be effective from the same hour.
  8. If you choose to apply this service anywhere outside New York then you are solely responsible for the change in government and state law which apply outside the boundary we have no authority there.
  9. The company has the right to apply any changes to any policy without any prior notice the applied change may result in discontinuity of your any service and by signing this contract you are agreeing to accept it.
  10. These terms and conditions are designed in accordance with the New York law and the law of United States of America so at any later stage if there any issue regarding registration or other issues then we will go in the accordance with the state laws.