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Privacy Policy

We at Smart apple are very much concerned about the privacy of our valued customers. Customer trust is everything and for its maintenance, we take all precautionary measure to make sure that any information shared with us should not be misused anywhere.

Automatic logged in manual

While calculating for the quotes we personally check the locations from the map and then through the individual address. If required some other data we surf it through the IP addresses of their system which are properly administered by DBA and who make it sure that no part of the information should be misconducted.

Personal information on display

The on-screen section of this website does not show any private information of any customer. Only that section will be displayed which you will allow. The information entered by the customer to get quotes is 100% confidential and any part of it does not shred with any other individual and neither it can be used to process any other application until requested by the customer.

External linkups

This site has links with different other companies as well we do not take any responsibility for any of the information that you share with them. Until and unless the information shared with us we take complete responsibility of that on that we won’t let it be misused. We have standardized precaution to make our website secure and keep on updating it as soon as the requirements changes. As soon as we introduce new products we keep on updating our websites privacy condition as well.


All sections of this website are copyrighted and no part of it can be reused, copied and neither can be used for any other purpose without prior information.


If you have any queries relating to working on this website or you want to ask about any services provided by this website you may contact us (718) 523-5353 or for further queries you can email us at info@smartapple.us