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workers compensation insurance NYC

Workers Compensation Insurance – Workman’s Insurance in Jamaica, NYC

workers compensation insurance NYC

The NY government has made it compulsory for every employer to offer worker’s compensation to all its employees. Smart Apple is a professional and highly experienced worker’s compensation insurance broker/agency based in Jamaica, New York. We offer a range of insurance services to help you choose the best insurance company and plan for worker’s comp insurance in NY.
Our trained, expert and experienced agents have in-depth knowledge of the worker’s compensation insurance laws in NYC to provide you with the best advice regarding workman’s comp insurance policy.

Who Are Eligible for Workers Compensation Insurance?

All the employers in New York are obliged to provide worker’s compensation to all the people who:

  • Farm workers that make $1200 or more every year.
  • The domestic employees that homeowners hire for 40 hours or more every week.
  • Any individual that works for-profit business. It may include family members, volunteers, part-time employees, and leased or borrowed employees.
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What are the rates of “The Workers’ Compensation Insurance” in New York City?

  • In many jobs and professions, there may be a life risk. The New York Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Board is a nonprofit organization. It is responsible for identifying the tasks and setting their rates for compensation.
  • New York has worker’s compensation rates higher than any other state in the US. The average rate that an employee receives is $0.98 per every $100. This rate can vary, as there are jobs, which may have higher risks of life like labor. Additionally, they may have higher compensation rates while other jobs such as the desk ones may have lower rates.

What Can go Wrong if You are not Paying the workman’s comp Insurance?

The New York government always tries to make sure that all employers give some compensation to their employees. Generally, the organization sets this compensation. However, if a company does not follow the guidelines and provide all eligible employees with compensation, it results in critical civil or criminal penalties.

Failure to Cover the Workers’ Compensation

In case of not providing the worker’s compensation to its employees less than 5 in number for a year, the employers should be ready to pay a fine of around $1000 to $5000. If it is more than five unassisted employees in a year, it can result in a fine between $5000 and $50,000. If it has been more than five years since the employer has not provided the worker’s compensation, it can result in a penalty of around $10,000 to $50,000 and many other additional charges. As there are different kinds of jobs and services being provided, the rate can also vary according to the jobs being performed.

Limitations of the Workman’s Insurance Claim

If an employee needs to file a claim for its compensation, it has a period of around two years to do so. If someone falls and has some serious injury, they can always return to work. It is because if nothing has happened, they do not need much medical attention. However, if it does not, they have two years to claim their compensation. If they do not claim it in this period, they are not eligible for that compensation later on.

How Smart Apple Can Help You to Get Workman’s Compensation Insurance in NYC

Smart Apple is an insurance agency based in Jamaica, New York, which provides workers’ compensation insurance quotes at the cheapest rates. Furthermore, we make sure that you do not lose much and are offered good rates on all your insurances. All the companies have different rates they need to provide their employees depending on the company. Additionally, we offer good and cheap insurance policies from different insurance companies.

Call us at (718) 523-5353 or email us at info@smartapple.us to discuss your business insurance needs. Or you can fill out this quote form to get an instant quote. We offer our services in New York City Area including Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.