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Disability Insurance NYC

New York Disability Insurance – Long Term & Short Term Disability Insurance in Jamaica NY

Accidents are a part of life, and as being the owner of a company or anything as such, you are not only going to pay for your injuries or disabilities but according to the laws of New York City/ New York State, you will have to pay for your employees too.


To escape huge bills that are coming your way after any accident, you need to get Disability Insurance in NYC. As being the owner of any company, you have to provide different benefits to all your eligible employees.

Disability Insurance For Small Business Owners

Whether you want Disability Insurance for Small businesses or the best Disability Insurance, our Disability Insurance agents are always happy to help. We have been in the field for a long time and try to provide the best-rated insurance policies to our customers.

Choosing the right disability insurance is not an easy task in NYC/NYS, especially when there are so many companies now, which are providing these services. No matter how expert you are and how brilliantly you are running your business, you will also get confused between so many offers and rates.

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We help you in picking out Cheap Disability Insurance. Which is only low in rates but provides the best benefits. As being a Disability Insurance Agency, we have helped many business owners land on the perfect disability insurance in New York City.

Best Disability Insurance Brokers and Agents in New York City Area

1. To completely understand the Disability Insurance plans, you need to know How does disability insurance work in NY. There are two types of disabilities, long term and short term and the New York laws cover both kinds of injuries. Short-term disability insurance and long-term disability insurance are very different from each other, and until you are not purchasing both of them, you might be at risk of paying high amount than needed.


2. As soon as any of your employees gets injured or disabled at any point, the employer is then obliged to pay them for the time off that they are taking and also stipe something to their families depending upon the designation of the employee that just got disabled.


3. Average Disability Insurance cost can be high, and if you are not taking help from any Disability Insurance Brokers, the insurance companies might not give you the right Disability Insurance guidelines and make you pay a lot even though all those things were not needed.


4. A broker like smart apples makes sure that you are getting all the benefits from disability insurance in New York and gives you the perfect Disability Insurance quotes.


5. We have some leading insurance companies, which are working as our partners, and with their help; we can serve you with the best and competitive rates in disability insurance in New York State/ New York City/ New York.


6. If you are not getting the best Disability Insurance for Business owners, in a simple accident too, you will have to pay thousands of dollars.

What if I Don’t Pay for the Disability Insurance?

    • The New York laws are very strict when it comes to the rights of the employees. Even if there is a single person working in your company, you have to make sure that he is getting all the rights and all of his problems related to work are being solved.


    • If you own even a small business consisting of around 10 people, you must get disabilities insurance. If you refuse to pay for the employees as per the laws, you will not only be breaking the civil laws but in some cases, a criminal case can also be filed against you.


    • New York City gives full rights to all the employees to claim the money, and instead of paying it on your own, you can have an insurance agency pay for you.


  • The rates of disabilities insurance can vary according to the business that you own.

Contact Smart Apple Insurance Brokerage Agency For Affordable Disability Insurance Rates

Smart Apple is a disability insurance agency based in Jamaica NY. Call us at (718) 523-5353 or email at info@smartapple.us. For an instant Quote fill this quote form. We provide our services in five boroughs including Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island in the New York City area to help you get your business and employees insured with the best disability insurance.


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