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Taxi & Limousine Commission

New York TLC Insurance – Best Taxi and Limo Insurance in Jamaica NY

Own a TLC car and using it for commercial transport services? Want to get the best TLC insurance that is available in the New York City area? Smart Apple is the company that you can count on.


Since these insurance policies can cost very much, and your cars are precious too, we try to offer you the cheapest TLC insurance in New York State. We have specialized in different fields and have been offering insurance to drivers who work in online organizations or other companies too.


The online field has taken the whole transportation by storm, and companies like Uber have proved themselves to be very much stable, and the drivers are working fine. But these companies are working online, and the drivers have to most of the time arrange their cars, including all the registrations that they have to do.


We get insurance quotes from several companies to find the low rates TLC insurance quotes, which are then delivered, to our customers. We are one of the TLC insurance brokers working since 2001 in the NYC/ NYS. Famous for the best rates and the services that our TLC insurance agents provide.

Best TLC Insurance Brokers and Agency 

Taxis are one of the most important vehicles, which are used in transportation all around New York. Most of the people prefer taking taxis instead of driving on their own and driving. Their insurance is sometimes too expensive according to the car that you are going to use as a taxi and for which you want the TLC insurance.

Either it is just one taxi that you own, or you want to get the TLC insurance for your whole company, Smart apple has you covered. You can get your taxi insurance by consulting us easily and without any problems.

NYC Insurance Brokers Info-graphic

Since many problems were caused by the taxi drivers or for the taxi drivers and company owners, New York made it compulsory for every kind of driver or the company owner to get the TLC insurance for their companies or the vehicles. TLC insurance requirement in NYC is very high, and since the government has made it a law for everyone to get it, they have taken a rise in the prices.

Local TLC Insurance for the people living near New York City

Many companies would be selling taxi insurance in the market for the people working in this field. If you want to make the best decision and pick out the right TLC auto insurance in any five boroughs of New York City Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island, you need to consult get a TLC insurance brokerage.


Smart Apple specializes in performing these tasks and getting your companies and your taxis insured for you. Without any problems with document protection services, you will get the best insurances that will provide you the full coverage of all the things that you need in your company.

Low-Cost TLC Insurance By Smart Apple Licensed Brokerage Agents

Many brokers offer the services of as such. They manage your deals with the insurance companies and get things very simple for you. Insurance companies are the ones which have been working for too long and been providing services to all their customers. Since they have a lot of experience, their convincing power is that strong too, and they can easily convince you into buying something, which you do not need, but is very expensive.


With the help of Smart apple, which is one the leading insurance agencies working in the New York, you can be assured that you will never have to settle for anything less or pay for something that you do not require. We provide TLC insurance uber, full LTC insurance coverage while explaining you all the TLC insurance rates.


Want to get the best auto insurance policy in New York City? Trust us for perfect rates and the best services. We have been rated the best by our different customers who have bought these services from us in the New York City/ New York State.


You can call us (718) 523-5353 for an appointment at any time or send us email at info@smartapple.us. To get a instant cheap quote fill this quote form.