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Smart Apple Insurance Brokers - Best Insurance Brokerage Agency in NYC

Are you looking for some cheap insurance rates in New York? Smart Apple, an independent Insurance broker in NYC and insurance brokerage firm, has been working in this field for a long time. Smart Apple provides the best and low-cost insurance to people from NY.

To help you choose the best insurance policy, Smart Apple gets insurance quotes from different insurance companies. Generally, we compare these quotes to provide you with the most competitive and affordable insurance plan that satisfies your needs. Additionally, we help you get three different kinds of top insurance policies, which include property, business, and auto insurances, with the cheapest rates.

Find One of the best solution for Your insurance Policy

Smart Apple Insurance brokers made insurance easy for NYC people with the best advice and policies by comparing insurance quotes from different companies.

Smart Apple Insurance Broker NYC Working Since 2001

We have proudly served hundreds of clients by providing the best insurance coverage. Having many years of experience in insurance laws and regulations makes us a premium insurance broker.

  • No matter where you live in New York State, insurance policies are important and required in every city.
  • Unfortunately, accidents are part of life. However, Smart Apple makes it possible to prepare you for every situation and have an insurance policy.
  • If you do not get your life, business, or other matters insured, you may need to deal with heavy damages very soon.

Smart Apple Insurance Brokerage Working since 2001

Smart Apple Insurance Brokers are serving New York City Area people with the cheapest possible insurance quotes. We Can beat any quote.

Insurance Brokerage Working since 2001

Smart Apple Insurance Brokers are serving New York City Area people with the cheapest possible insurance quotes. We Can beat any quote.

1. Smart Apple Licensed Independent Insurance Broker NYC – Insurance Agency Serving Since 2001

Stop Worrying – You are in Good Hands

  • Getting your property insured is very important. You can have different kinds of insurance depending upon the condition of your property, your budget, and the areas you wish to cover.
  • Realistically, accidents are nothing new to us, but along with them, there are many other liabilities too. Therefore, you need to insure yourself and your assets effectively. Getting an insurance program for your property at cheap rates is not a headache now. Smart Apple, an NYC Insurance Agency and carrier helps you get the best insurance plans for your homecondovacant buildings, and all other types of properties.
  • Whether you are dealing with some damages due to any natural disaster or any robbery, we will help you cover all. Therefore, get your property insured today, so you do not need to pay for the loss.

2. Best Knowledgeable Agency NYC & Insurance Agents

  • Auto insurance plays a significant role in protecting your vehicle in case of an accident, theft, or any other incident. That is to say, almost every vehicle needs to be insured before they are allowed on the road in NYC. There are multiple reasons to be insured, such as making sure that you will not need to pay a heavy amount for the accidents that happened.
  • Furthermore, there must not be a constant risk that you may need to go through some terrible change or loss if anything goes wrong. It is something for insurance brokers and insurers like Smart Apple to think and worry about while focusing on driving. So, Get your carcommercial vehicletruck, and Uber/TLC insurance at cheap prices.

3. Smart Apple Top Rated Local Yelp NYC Insurance Agency

There are different kinds of insurances that fall under the business insurance category.

  1. General liability
  2. Worker’s compensation
  3. Business Owners Policy

The above-described are some insurances that can cost you a lot, but these are very important nowadays according to the New York Insurance Law Department.

Offering Flexibility and Unparalleled Services

As a leading and knowledgeable insurance broker in NYC, Smart Apple assists you in finding the most competitive and flexible insurance policies for:
Smart Apple Insurance nyc info-graphic


  • Individuals
  • Employees
  • Employers
  • Drivers
  • Large/Small Businesses

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to help you make an informed decision by educating you about NY Insurance guidelines, insurance marketplace, and pricing to meet your requirements. Moreover, we ensure that you will get the payments according to NYC law and by following the best insurance policies.

Areas We Cover

Smart Apple offers services in NYC and its boroughs including Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. So, if you have your home, business, or anything else based in any of these places, you can call us at any time to hold an appointment with one of our agents to talk more about it.

Contact Smart Apple Insurance Agency Today for Cheapest Insurance Quotes

  • Smart Apple Insurance Agency & carriers spend time to understand your business and personal insurance needs and the cycles that can change the situation of your insurance policy in New York.
  • We also make sure that it is adequately covered within the correct code classification and not overpay. Coverage can be difficult and sometimes complicated.
  • It is essential to understand your policy and be careful with changes that may affect your insurance. Need to discuss your insurance requirements? Call us now at (718)-523-5353 for more details, or fill out this quote form to get instant insurance quotes.

Flood Insurance

Having flood insurance is the best option to protect your home from severe flood damage due to melting snow, heavy rains, and severe coastal systems. So, get the most reliable flood insurance quotes now!

Store Insurance

Smart Apple offers a store insurance policy to cover the business’s physical structures, inventory, furniture, and other contents. Protection against fire, theft, and other losses is also available with this insurance.

Deli Store Insurance

Many insurance agents try to put your Deli Store into the category of Full Service Insurance. However, Smart Apple recommends you get Deli Insurance Quote from us and get the best coverage at the best rates.

Convenience Store Insurance

We offer a one-stop shop for those interested in buying convenience store insurance programs. This way, we help you secure your store’s doors, stocked shelves, and decor and manage risks you may face.

Pharmacy Insurance

Are you searching for the best insurance for your pharmacy or drugstore? Smart Apple ensures you get the best pharmacy insurance. So, get the most competitive and affordable pharmacy insurance quotes now!

Furniture Store Insurance

Every product inside a furniture store is precious. So, to satisfy customers through a range of products, you must also have furniture store insurance, and for that, Smart Apple helps you through competitive quotes.

Why Choose Us?

Since there are a lot of agents working in New York State, there are multiple reasons you can choose us for. You can get some of the cheapest insurance quotes in the New York City area with us. We have been offering services to NY people and guiding them regarding their business, homes, and auto insurance since 2001.

Cheap Rates For Your Insurance Policies

Smart Apple insurance brokers offer you the cheapest rates. So you do not pay much for the accidents that have not even taken place yet.

Experienced Insurance Agents

Smart Apple Insurance Brokers have some of the best and experienced agents who will try to cover all of your things.

Most Reliable Insurance Services

You can rely on Smart Apple NYC Insurance Brokers for an insurance policy that you currently need. You will not regret doing so.

Fast Coverage For Your Insurance Plans

Smart Apple Insurance Brokers accommodate you with the best possible solutions in the least time. If your situation falls under our policies, then you will not have to wait a long for the best insurance solution.

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