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How to Save Money for a Car Insurance Policy

Car insurance is one of the most hectic jobs for the majority of the person as it is quite expensive and the majority of our public has a vision that the rates are fixed so they just buy it without working on it although this is something on which you can save hundreds of dollars a year. But before taking any policy you should be aware of coverage’s so that you can choose the policy which suits you the best and can save your money as well. No matter what type of car insurance you are looking for, reach out to Smart Apple Insurance, a leading auto insurance provider. NY families trust our plans with satisfaction.

Car Insurance Policy

Types of coverage: Car insurance policies a comprised of six different types of packages each being charged differently:

  1. Collision coverage is the first one that will provide you money in case of an accident even if it is due to your fault.
  2. The second type is comprehensive which cover all other damages beyond collision that can be due to flood, vandalism or accident with some animal.
  3. Then there is one called property damage that will pay for any loss that is caused by your car to the other party.
  4. Bodily injury liability will pay for the injuries that have been caused by you or your car to the victim.
  5. Then for your personal safety, there is coverage that provides the money for your treatment or any other passenger in your car it is helpful in cases as it can pay lost wages funeral money as well in case of death.
  6. The last one is uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage it will protect you in hot and run cases or when the driver with you doesn’t have enough insurance to pay your loss.

As now you are in detail familiar with the typed of policies available in the market you can take a better decision with the following money-saving tips.

  • Move around in the market the first thing before taking any policy is to check with different companies around you before finalizing anything visit at least 5 to 6 companies.
  • Prefer Bundling It is always advisable to go for the same person from whom you have already purchased your homeowner or renter policy this will make you eligible for discounts on premium.
  • Pay Deductible A very propitiate option to reduce your premium is to pay the high deductible at the time of policy this will help you to get the lowest premium.
  • Pay in one-time prefer to pay an annual premium as it will cut your service charges and will save your amount which you are supposed to pay in terms of service fee.
  • Buy older car one of the best ways to reduce your car insurance cost is to take an old model of the car in spite of new one it will reduce your insurance price the more the expensive car is the more its insurance will be expensive.
  • Maintain you’re driving record for yours and others safety as well as if you are interested to get a discount on the premium you should try to maintain an excellent driving record without tickets it will reduce your premium on renewal.
  • Maintain your credits to your surprise insurers consider a lot about your track records like how much responsibility are you towards your billings they offer you discount on that basis as well.
  • Monitor you are driving there is a policy named as progressive casualty insurance it is for those who are careful drivers the company monitors your habits timing through a wireless device installed in your car and if they are satisfied you can get a discount of up to 60% at the end of the year.
  • Cut your miles prefer to pool in with your friends and colleges and reduce your car mileage it will also make you eligible for discount.
  • Go Paperless staying being paperless also provide with car insurance discounts.
  • Mention your education mention your educational level it will also make you illegible for many discounts like the graduate’s students often gets a discount, then the student above 3.0 also gets the discount on the car insurance policy.