Liability insurance

Liability insurance is your basic need to drive a vehicle on the road. Liability insurance pays for your medical injury during an accident and for the damage to another vehicle which you are responsible for. Some detail example of liability insurance is medical expenses and property damage loss. We are offering liability insurance in NY and NJ with a huge list of cheap car insurance companies at a very affordable price.

Physical damage insurance

Physical damage insurance covers the damage to your car. It includes two basic parts of insurance One is comprehensive and the second one is a collision. Detail description for physical damage insurance is while driving the car you have an accident and your vehicle got damage so in that case your vehicle loss will be covered by physical damage insurance. During hailstorms, your car will be covered with dents so your physical damage insurance will help you to fix your car. car insurance jamaica

Commercial auto

We are offering insurance for commercial auto in NY state. Our commercial auto program includes insurance for all commercial vehicle like trailers, Vans, Tow trucks and all others. We are offering cheap car insurance for contractors, Distributors, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Local truckers, Retail, Food trucks and all other categories. Our minimum premium for commercial vehicle stars from $600.

TLC insurance

TLC insurance is for the taxi and limousine drivers. People who are driving cars for Uber need TLC insurance. We are offering Both liability and physical damage coverage for TLC insurance in NY state. Share your car and license information to get the fastest quote.

Garage Dealer plate

We are offering insurance for the auto dealers in NY. If you have a garage, open lot or covered lot you can call us and we will insure you. Our garage dealer plates insurance includes both coverages liability and physical damage